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Life / Annuity / Disability

CoupleLife Insurance provides financial protection for your estate, your family and business. It is used to cover debt obligations (mortgages, home equity loans, car loans, credit card debts, etc.) and to provide cash flow in the case of an unexpected or premature death of one or more of the family income earners or key personnel of a business. Forms of life insurance include term, universal, and permanent.

Annuities are investment products used to provide an income flow now or at some future date. You may make a lump-sum contribution or periodic contributions over time and select a future date when the annuity’s principal and interest are repaid to you. Annuities are popular investments used to reduce tax impact.

Disability Insurance replaces lost wages due to accident or sickness that prevents you from working and earning wages. It provides your family or business an income so they can continue paying everyday expenses. The odds of an individual becoming disabled versus dying are significant and the subsequent loss can be offset through disability insurance.